A Hero’s Journey

Habitat for Humanity Partners with the Home Depot Foundation to Provide Safe Homes for Wounded Veterans

Habitat for Humanity International and the Home Depot Foundation launched Repair Corps, an initiative to renovate, repair, and rebuild the homes of wounded U.S. military veterans.  In April 2011, the Home Depot Foundation pledged a $30 million initiative to address these housing needs. Habitat for Humanity affiliates around the country facilitate the home repair projects through volunteer labor and donations.

One such affiliate, the Patuxent Habitat for Humanity received a $100,000 Repair Corps grant from The Home Depot Foundation. A portion of this grant is slated to help a local marine who was injured in Afghanistan.  On June 18, 2011 Lance Cpl. Celeb Getscher was walking along a tree line on patrol when he stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED).  As a result, Getsher is now a triple amputee.  With the help of volunteers, the Patuxent Habitat for Humanity will remodel the Getscher’s home to include an addition with handicap accessible facilities.  The organization aims to complete 10 projects to help the community’s military veterans.

Volunteers Help with the Getscher Remodel

More than 46,000 U.S. service members have been injured serving our country during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Often times these injuries were disabling, involving traumatic amputations, brain injuries, and other long-term health problems.  As a result, these wounded veterans face a lifetime of consequences. Habitat for Humanity is committed to providing safe places for wounded veterans to return home. Through the Repair Corps project this partnership aims to repair the homes of nearly one hundred U.S. military veterans.

The Repair Corps projects involve interior and exterior renovation to alleviate critical life and safety problems, as well as building code violations.  Projects vary from structural repairs to installing wheelchair ramps and remodeling homes for accessibility.

Help support Patuxent Habitat for Humanity by making a monetary donation, volunteering your time, and spreading the word about this worthy cause.  Call today to see how you can make a difference in the lives of these veterans.

For more information about donating, volunteering or applying for a home, visit www.patuxenthabitat.org or call 301-863-6227 / 410-326-9050.

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